Make A Gift In Memory

Honour the passing of a loved one
Make A Gift In Memory

When you lose someone a donation to medical research is a meaningful way to commemorate their memory.

Our researchers are striving to find causes, better prevention, treatments and cures for the health challenges we all face. As such, we can direct your donations to the area where most help is needed to fund a breakthrough, or you can specify an area of health research that’s significant to you.

Make your own online donation in memory here.

Encourage donations by including wording within the funeral notice, such as “in lieu of flowers the family would appreciate donations to the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Donation envelopes will be available on the day of the funeral.”

How can we help

We can provide you with special donation envelopes for the funeral. Advise your funeral director to arrange delivery of envelopes, and to pass on the details of the deceased and the next-of-kin.

Saying Thank You

We write to everyone who donates in memory to offer our thanks and to provide them with a receipt. We also send the bereaved family a letter to let them know who has made gifts and the total donated in memory.

Get In Touch

For further information or to arrange delivery of envelopes and flyers, please get in touch with our friendly team on 08 8128 4059