Small Animal Imaging

Small Animal Imaging


Bruker Albira PET/SPECT enables quantification of radiotracer distribution in live small animals and tissue.

Albira’s detector system uses a patented combination of single crystal detectors and advanced electronics to deliver very high resolution, quantitative, and accurate PET and SPECT images.

Computed Tomography (micro-CT)

CT Bruker SkyScan 1176 is a high performance micro-CT scanner for preclinical research. Imaging of a wide range of samples (9, 18 or 36µm resolution) is possible. Respiratory gating physiological monitoring system is available to trigger scans thus minimising undesirable motion artefact.

IVIS spectrum

The PerkinElmer in vivo imaging system (IVIS) Spectrum facilitates two and three-dimensional optical tomography for multiple mice at once.

Features: Bioluminescence, fluorescence (including spectral unmixing), Cherenkov imaging