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Clinical Trials Platform

Clinical trials and clinical research - be part of the SAHMRI story

Clinical research and clinical trials are a critical part of the research translation pathway that help us to understand the safety and effectiveness of new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. This stage of research bridges the gap between discovery and improvements in the ways we plan, manage and deliver health care.

Clinical trials are a special type of clinical research study. In clinical trials, patients and healthy participants work alongside researchers and their teams to test new treatments in a safe and ethical manner. People who volunteer to take part in clinical trials are contributing to the future health of our community. They are the core reason why new discoveries are possible.

SAHMRI has a strong and established reputation for conducting clinical research and clinical trials. We have a community of researchers who represent some of Australia’s leading health and medical scientists and clinicians. They are supported by teams of expert staff, right across the organisation. There are many opportunities to work with us as a patient, participant or a partner looking to conduct, or be involved in, clinical trials with our team of experts.

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The Clinical Trials Platform - A new vision for clinical trials


SAHMRI has a new vision to enhance its clinical trials capabilities and capacity. This will enable us to work more closely with researchers, industry and the public across South Australia.

The Clinical Trials Platform is designed to provide a range of tools, resources and ready access to skills and infrastructure to support high quality clinical research and clinical trials.

We aim to build on our reputation as a centre of excellence for clinical research in Australia, capitalising on South Australia’s research strengths and capabilities.

The Clinical Trials Platform will provide:

  • Easier, more equitable access to trial involvement for patients and the public.
  • Innovative ways of designing and conducting clinical trials that deliver treatments to patients faster by using new and emerging technologies.
  • Support for researchers and industry sponsors who need assistance at any stage of the clinical trials lifecycle. This includes grant development, statistical support and all aspects of clinical trial design and conduct.
  • Support for rapid and efficient study start-up including assistance with ethics submissions, contract development and negotiation.
  • Access to a pool of highly skilled researchers, clinicians and clinical trials support staff to help plan and manage studies.
  • High quality systems and processes that underpin clinical trials conduct to ensure we align to best practice examples.
  • A hub for clinical trials education and training to support researchers, staff and the public, in collaboration with our partners across the state.
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