Muneer Syed Musthakahmed

  • Senior Research Fellow Molecular Imaging And Therapy Research Unit
Muneer Syed Musthakahmed


Dr. Muneer Ahamed is a Senior Research Fellow and a National Imaging Facility (NIF) Fellow at SAHMRI, Adelaide. Dr. Ahamed has experience in industrial and academic research projects in CNS drug discovery, radiochemistry and neuro-imaging. Dr. Ahamed worked at GVK Bio and Jubilant Biosys Discovery Centre on CNS drug discovery. Dr. Ahamed has obtained PhD from The University of Sydney and received several awards during his PhD. He was awarded Le Fèvre postgraduate student lectureship, Agnes Campbell prize for excellence in organic chemistry and John R Lamberton award at The University of Sydney, besides the competitive University of Sydney International Postgraduate Scholarship. Inter-disciplinary post-doctoral positions at KU Leuven, Belgium and The University of Queensland on development of neuro-imaging probes for PET and new methods for radio-labelling. Dr. Ahamed has published 25 research articles and one granted patent in the field of neuroimaging, radiochemistry and medicinal chemistry.

Research Interest:

His research focuses on developing and translating new drugs and PET imaging agents for use in various brain-disorders. Validation of new neuro-PET tracers for imaging of various protein and enzyme targets in small and large animals. Current targets under investigation are the brain endocannabinoids, and particularly targets implicated in neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and movement disorders.

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