Dr Karlea Kremer

PhD (Medicine)
Dr Karlea Kremer

Dr Kremer has been a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Stroke Research Programme since 2010. Her main focus has been on the use of Dental Pulp Stem Cells as a treatment for Stroke. She was co-first author on the first paper to show the beneficial functional effects of dental pulp stem cells in a rodent model of stroke. Dr Kremer has worked on projects relating to brain repair, complementary therapies including transcranial magnetic stimulation and molecular manipulation of dental pulp stem cells to produce a neural stem cell line. Her current work is involved in a biomarker discovery project for TIA.

Dr Kremer is has particular skills in molecular biology, small animal surgery, microscopy and cell culture. She has supervised PhD students, masters and honours students in areas of stem cell biology and animal assisted therapies.

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