Chung Kok

    BSc(BiomedSci), GDip(DataSci), Ph.D
    • University of Adelaide
    Chung Kok

    I am a senior bioinformatician and postdoctoral researcher working on chronic myeloid leukaemia project at Precision Medicine Theme, SAHMRI. Additionally, I am holding an honorary title of affiliate senior lecturer from the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide. I have the expertise in both molecular cancer biology and bioinformatics, these skills have allowed me to establish and collaborate on many research projects involving biology and bioinformatics with clinical researchers, biologists and computer scientists both nationally and internationally. With these skillsets, I am currently leading a biomarker project to predict poor long-term clinical outcome of chronic myeloid leukaemia patient at the time of diagnosis using machine learning algorithms. I have extensive experiences with R in analysing high-throughput genomic and transcriptomic sequencing data sets of varying sizes and complexity using high performance computing system.

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